German Leichtbier (5A)

Style Characteristics

SRM Range:2 - 5
IBU Range:15 - 28
OG Range:1.026 - 1.034
FG Range:1.006 - 1.01
ABV Range:2.4% - 3.6%

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A pale, highly-attenuated, light-bodied German lager with lower alcohol and calories than normal-strength beers. Moderately bitter with noticeable malt and hop flavors, the beer is still interesting to drink.

Style History:

Traditional versions existed as drinks for physical laborers in factories or fields, but modern versions are more based on popular American products in the same class.


Low to medium grainy-sweet malt flavor initially. Medium hop bitterness. Low to medium hop flavor, with a spicy, herbal, or floral quality. Clean fermentation character, well-lagered. Dry finish with a light malty and hoppy aftertaste.


Low to medium hop aroma, with a spicy, herbal, or floral character. Low to medium-low grainy-sweet or slightly crackery malt aroma. Clean fermentation profile.


Straw to pale gold in color. Brilliant clarity. Moderate white head with average to below average persistence.


Marketed primarily as a diet-oriented beer with lower carbohydrates, alcohol, and calories. Pronounced "LYESHT-beer." May also be known as a Diat Pils or Helles, this style is in the schankbier gravity class. Other variations of Leicht class beers can be made from Weissbier, Kolsch, and Altbier; those beers are best entered in the *Mixed-Style Beer* category.


Similar to a German Pils or Helles, continental Pils malt, German lager yeast, Saazer-type hops.


Like a lower-alcohol, lighter-bodied, slightly less aggressive German Pils or Helles.

Commercial Styles:

Beck's Light