Hop Name: Columbia

Common Usage: Aroma

Hop Characteristics
Alpha Range:6.8 - 11.5%
Beta Range:6.8 - 11.5%
Cohumulone Range:40.0 - 40.0%
Humulene Range:16.7 - 16.7%
Myrcene Range:54.6 - 54.6%
Farnesene Range:4.1 - 4.1%
Caryophyllene Range:7.3 - 7%
Total Oil Range:0.5 - 1.6 mL/100g
Columbia enjoyed a small production in the 1980’s, but was later discontinued in favor of the Willamette. However, when craft brewers discovered the amazing pungent kick of hoppiness combined with its lemon citrus twist, they clamored to have it brought back. Columbia was returned to production in 2011. Now used in Widmer Bros. Columbia Common Spring Ale, and others. It sports an Alpha Acid content between 8-10%, and has excellent vigor and yield.

Commonly used in:
English-style Ale
Origin: US
Storage: Very Good
Subtle earth and mild fruit tones

Possible Substitutions:
Fuggle (US)  Fuggle (UK)