Hop Name: Celeia

Common Usage: Aroma

Hop Characteristics
Alpha Range:3.0 - 6.0%
Beta Range:3.0 - 6.0%
Cohumulone Range:26.0 - 29.0%
Humulene Range:18.0 - 23.0%
Myrcene Range:26.0 - 35.0%
Farnesene Range:3.0 - 7.0%
Caryophyllene Range:8.0 - 9%
Total Oil Range:0.6 - 3.6 mL/100g
Celeia is the triploid offspring of a Styrian Golding, an Aurora, and a Slovenian wild hop. It has an excellently balanced profile all around and very good storage stability. It is a versatile hop, with widespread use in Lagers, Pilsners, English-style ales, and ESBs. It loves deep clay soil, and requires a large planting distance. It has not been well received by breweries and is, therefore, not grown in large quantities. Celeia is described as being pleasantly bitter and in symmetry with its aroma.

Commonly used in:
English-style Ale
Origin: Styrian
Storage: N/A
Pleasant and hoppy, similar to traditional European varieties

Possible Substitutions:
Saaz  Saaz  Bobek  Savinjski Golding