Hop Name: Nelson Sauvin

Common Usage: Both

Hop Characteristics
Alpha Range:12.0 - 13.0%
Beta Range:12.0 - 13.0%
Cohumulone Range:24.0 - 24.0%
Humulene Range:36.4 - 36.4%
Myrcene Range:22.2 - 22.2%
Farnesene Range:0.0 - 1.0%
Caryophyllene Range:10.7 - 11%
Total Oil Range:1.1 - 1.1 mL/100g
The Nelson Sauvin hops variety usually divides beer enthusiasts wherever it is used. Some find the hop’s rich, fruity character, said to have the essence of “freshly crushed gooseberries,” while others find it tropical, and still others, white wine-like. It was actually name for the Sauvignon Blanc grape which many agree has the same flavor and aroma characteristics. It is too wild for most major brewers, but dearly loved by craft brewers and home brewers alike for its unique character. Nelson Sauvin is a New Zealand variety which has gained popularity in American-style Pale Ales. Definitely a hop that requires prudent and discerning application in brewing, but it can be extremely rewarding. Its oils profile is quite complex, and it works well as aroma, flavor and bittering, having a high hoppiness to accompany the distinctive fruit flavor. Low cohumulone guarantees a smooth bittering quality.

Commonly used in:
American-style Pale Ale
Origin: New Zealand
Storage: N/A
Distinct cool climate and white wine "fruitiness" with fresh crushed gooseberry and grape infused flavors

Possible Substitutions:
None known