Hop Name: Banner

Common Usage: Bittering

Hop Characteristics
Alpha Range:10.0 - 10.0%
Beta Range:10.0 - 10.0%
Cohumulone Range:32.0 - 32.0%
Humulene Range:12.0 - 12.0%
Myrcene Range:66.0 - 66.0%
Farnesene Range:0.1 - 0.1%
Caryophyllene Range:7.7 - 8%
Total Oil Range:2.17 - 2.17 mL/100g
Banner has not fared well on the commercial market. Bred from a Brewer’s Gold seedling in the 80’s, open pollination, its first test plot was discontinued due to severe mildew. It was finally released, along with its sibling, Aquila, in 1996. It caught the interest of Anheuser Busch who, after several years of evaluation, eliminated it from further testing. It appears to have moderately high alpha acids and a pleasant aroma. It has a good yield, but poor storageability, which, along with its mildew susceptibility does not make it very popular.

Commonly used in:
Origin: N/A
Storage: Retains 47% alpha acid after 6 months storage at 20 degrees C

Possible Substitutions:
Cluster  Galena  Aquila