Hop Name: Groene Bel

Common Usage: Aroma

Hop Characteristics
Alpha Range:4.9 - 4.9%
Beta Range:4.9 - 4.9%
Cohumulone Range:27.0 - 27.0%
Humulene Range:32.0 - 32.0%
Myrcene Range:39.0 - 39.0%
Farnesene Range:2.41 - 2.41%
Caryophyllene Range:18.0 - 18%
Total Oil Range:0.98 - 0.98 mL/100g
Although Groene Bel is no longer commercially produced, it was used for breeding in the 1970s in Slovenia. Groene Bel is an old Belgian hop of unknown heritage, likely arising from a land race. High humulene results in a pleasant, continental aroma. Its storage stability is only fair, and its yield and vigor are low. Disease susceptibility is unknown.

Commonly used in:
Origin: Belgium
Storage: Retains 58% alpha acid after 6 months storage at 20 degrees C

Possible Substitutions:
None known