Hop Name: Outeniqua

Common Usage: Bittering

Hop Characteristics
Alpha Range:12.0 - 13.5%
Beta Range:12.0 - 13.5%
Cohumulone Range:25.0 - 30.0%
Humulene Range:28.0 - 33.0%
Myrcene Range:38.0 - 43.0%
Farnesene Range:0.0 - 1.0%
Caryophyllene Range:9.0 - 10%
Total Oil Range:1.6 - 1.6 mL/100g
Mild, pleasant and slightly spicy, Outeniqua is an excellent, high alpha bittering hop from the land of milk and honey—a moniker of the South African region where it is grown. Primarily used only locally, Outeniqua has not yet made its debut in the world at large. It has very good yield, averaging 1800 lbs per acre. Outeniqua has well-balanced oils and has a punched-up hoppy aroma. Outeniqua is the mother of Southern Star.

Commonly used in:
Origin: N/A
Storage: Retains 60%-70% alpha acid after 6 months storage at 20 degrees C

Possible Substitutions:
None known