Wallonian Farmhouse

Lab: The Yeast Bay
Attenuation: 84.5%
Flocculation: 0
Temperature Range: 68 - 78 F
Alcohol Tolerance: 0%

Isolated from a unique farmhouse-style ale that hails from the Walloon region of Belgium, this yeast is one of the funkiest "clean" yeast we have in our stable. It imparts a slight earthy funk and tart character to the beer, and is a very mild producer of some slightly spicy and mildly smokey flavor compounds. This yeast exhibits absurdly high attenuation, resulting in a practically bone-dry beer. If desired, we recommend controlling the dryness by adjusting the mash temperature or adding malts or adjuncts to the mash tun that will lend some body and residual sweetness to the beer. Use this yeast for any farmhouse style or experimental Belgian ale.