Hop Name: Target

Common Usage: Bittering

Hop Characteristics
Alpha Range:8.5 - 13.5%
Beta Range:8.5 - 13.5%
Cohumulone Range:37.0 - 37.0%
Humulene Range:17.0 - 17.0%
Myrcene Range:45.0 - 45.0%
Farnesene Range:0.0 - 1.0%
Caryophyllene Range:10.0 - 10%
Total Oil Range:1.2 - 1.8 mL/100g
Target’s popularity is due to its being bred for mildew and verticulum wilt resistance. Some describe it’s aroma as harsh, others as having a smooth bite. Its popularity has gone up and down, but it now seems popular with craft breweries, being used in Green Man Ale’s IPA in Asheville, North Carolina, and in many English craft brews. It is high in myrcene and the other oils are moderate, but with farnesene barely registering. It is good yielding in England, but with poor storageability.

Commonly used in:
Origin: UK
Storage: N/A
An intense English hop aroma with distinct spicy, floral, sage and citrus characteristics

Possible Substitutions:
Fuggle (US)  Nugget  Willamette  Admiral  Fuggle (UK)  Pilgrim