A Quick recipe By 2023-10-02 imperial of A Quick recipe All Grain American Pale Ale homebrewing recipe Prep Time: 1 hour Cook Time: 90 minutes Yield: 5 gallons
Nutrition facts: 319 calories (5.25% ABV), 12 oz,
Ingredients: 10 lbs 2-Row - US 10 oz Amarillo 1 American Ale (yeast)Instructions: 1. Add grains to pre-heated water and rest @ 153F for 60 min. 2. Remove grains and bring to boil. 3. Add hops and boil for 60 mins. 4. Cool to 65F, add yeast and let ferment for 1-2 weeks. 5. Bottle with priming sugar, let carbonate 1-2 weeks. 6. Chill and enjoy your delicious beer!

A Quick recipe

An All Grain recipe

By Widgeteye

Style: American Pale Ale
Batch Size: gal
Efficiency: 75%
Recipe Statistics
OG: 1.054
FG: 1.014
SRM: 2
IBU: 36
ABV: 5.25%
Profile: Extra Hoppy


10 lbs2-Row - US361 °LMash


1 ozAmarillo60 minsPellet Boil 9.5%


American AleWyeast105675%

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Jun 1st 2016 12:05pm

This is a test, this is only a test.

Jun 19th 2016 10:39pm

Pretty simple recipe, but how does it taste?

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