Allagash Inspired Wit By 2022-10-04 imperial of Allagash Inspired Wit All Grain Witbier homebrewing recipe Prep Time: 1 hour Cook Time: 90 minutes Yield: 6 gallons
Nutrition facts: 319 calories (4.59% ABV), 12 oz,
Ingredients: 4.5 lbs Pale 2-Row - US 3.5 lbs Wheat Malt, White 1 lbs Flaked Wheat - US 12 oz Flaked Oats - US 8 oz Rice Hulls 8 oz Tettnang 8 oz Saaz 1 Belgian Wit Ale Yeast (yeast)Instructions: 1. Add grains to pre-heated water and rest @ 153F for 60 min. 2. Remove grains and bring to boil. 3. Add hops and boil for 60 mins. 4. Cool to 65F, add yeast and let ferment for 1-2 weeks. 5. Bottle with priming sugar, let carbonate 1-2 weeks. 6. Chill and enjoy your delicious beer!

Allagash Inspired Wit

An All Grain recipe

By Bob Brewer

Style: Witbier
Batch Size: gal
Efficiency: 75%
Recipe Statistics
OG: 1.046
FG: 1.011
SRM: 3
IBU: 18
ABV: 4.59%
Profile: Slightly Malty


4.5 lbsPale 2-Row - US361 °LMash
3.5 lbsWheat Malt, White362 °LMash
1 lbsFlaked Wheat - US342 °LMash
12 ozFlaked Oats - US361 °LMash
8 ozRice Hulls360 °LMash


1 ozTettnang60 minsPellet Boil 4.5%
1.4 ozSaaz5 minsPellet Boil 3.8%


Belgian Wit Ale YeastWhite LabsWLP40076%


1 eachSuper Moss HB0 mins Boil
1 eachServomyces Yeast Nutrient0 mins Boil
1 eachGrapefruit Zest0 mins Boil
1 eachOrange Zest0 mins Boil
1 eachCardamom (Ground)0 mins Boil

Recipe Notes:

There are many different wheat varieties and percentages you can go with depending on the exact flavor profile you are going with. We use about 15 percent malted red wheat and 25 percent unmalted (raw) white wheat. I find that the raw wheat adds a nice cracker/cereal like wheat flavor, while helping with the haze.

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