Pilsner Urquell Clone By 2022-10-04 pilsner of Pilsner Urquell Clone All Grain German Pils homebrewing recipe Prep Time: 1 hour Cook Time: 90 minutes Yield: 5 gallons
Nutrition facts: 319 calories (4.99% ABV), 12 oz,
Ingredients: 9 lbs 2-Row - US 8 oz Caramel/Crystal 20 4 oz Munich Malt 4 oz Saaz 4 oz Saaz 4 oz Saaz 1 Czech Pils (yeast)Instructions: 1. Add grains to pre-heated water and rest @ 153F for 60 min. 2. Remove grains and bring to boil. 3. Add hops and boil for 60 mins. 4. Cool to 65F, add yeast and let ferment for 1-2 weeks. 5. Bottle with priming sugar, let carbonate 1-2 weeks. 6. Chill and enjoy your delicious beer!

Pilsner Urquell Clone

An All Grain recipe

By Bob Brewer

Style: German Pils
Batch Size: gal
Efficiency: 75%
Recipe Statistics
OG: 1.053
FG: 1.015
SRM: 4
IBU: 54
ABV: 4.99%
Profile: Super Hoppy


9 lbs2-Row - US361 °LMash
8 ozCaramel/Crystal 203320 °LMash
4 ozMunich Malt379 °LMash


3.25 ozSaaz60 minsPellet Boil 3.8%
1 ozSaaz15 minsPellet Boil 3.8%
0.5 ozSaaz20 hoursPellet Dry hop 3.8%


Czech PilsWyeast227872%

Recipe Notes:

This classic pilsner has a thick white head, a bright gold color, and a wonderfully floral bouquet of Saaz hops in the nose. Only whole Czech Saaz hops which are grown in Zatec, a town in the heart of the Czech growing region, are used in this beer. This pilsner is extremely well balanced with hop bitterness and malt sweetness. This beer is as close to beer heaven as you can get.

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